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Child Abuse How to Help Stop It

The most special gift a person can receive is a child. There is nothing quite like having a small version of yourself around. I discovered this right after my daughter was born. I couldn't believe how much she looked like me.

Some may see this as a bit self-indulgent in a way, but mostly it's just about loving and caring for another more than you would ever care for yourself. What about the parents who see things differently? Are some people unable to have a child and care for them properly? Yes, obviously some people are incapable. Child abuse would not be an issue without them. I often wonder, "What can we do to make sure that kids are safe?" I worry not only our own children, but also for all of the unfortunate children around the world. Are you able to perceive the tell-tale signals of child abuse? If you encountered an abused child at your own child's school or at a group function, do you think you could recognize them as an abuse victim? The answer may not be as easy as you think.

Hiding the signs of abuse is something that many abusers are very good at. They will use anything from concealing clothing to threatening the child in whispered tones. It is easy to misguide children, especially abused ones.

They are usually obedient to their parents and follow what their parents say, even if they are hurt continuously. For this reason, we are responsible for teaching our community, and our children, about child abuse. One positive is that they've started addressing this issue in school.

Sometimes, a child has no one to base reality on other than a teacher. Who can a child trust when their parents are the bad guys? "Protecting the Gift" is an informative book on the subject of child abuse, assault, and violence. Author Gavin De Becker explains various kinds of violent behavior, potential violence, menacing behavior, and threats, and also discusses survival strategies. He writes about the importance of trusting our natural intuition. Human kind possesses natural tools and senses in order to survive.

We need to learn to accept and use these to our advantage. If you're worried that someone you know is the victim of child abuse, look into it further and/or notify the appropriate agencies. In every case, it is better to err on the side of caution. Protecting our children should be our utmost concern. It is imperative that we protect the helpless, because it is the helpless who cannot help themselves.

Bethany Coolen was an abuse victim herself, so she knows how important a Sacramento sexual abuse counseling center can be. Today, she donates clothing and useful household items to WEAVE, the sexual assault help center that helped her. WEAVE has two Sacramento crises intervention services that support a 24 hour crises intervention line and a local safe-house, getting wounded women away from the violence.

Child Abuse – How to Help Stop It

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