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Dating and the Single Woman - How Can You Tell if Hes THE ONE

First off you need to find out if it's the right time for love to be finding you. Progressed charts in astrology can give you this information. When a progressed love planet, such as, Venus, Mars, your Sun, and the Ascendant/Descendant Angles, make/s an aspect to one of your natal planets is an indication that it's the ripe time for a significant relationship to enter your life. Your progressed charts will make up to 3 or more aspects to each other that indicate a possible love year. There's considerable evidence to this process. Then once you have calculated a possible love year, get out there and mingle ! The next process you should undertake is checking out his astrological makeup.

You can find out all kinds of information concerning his character and the possibility of a relationship with you. You can even find out before you get tooooo close, if he is a good match for you. Look to your interaspects involving Chiron to find out your long term possibilities. You don't want to find out that his Saturn squares your Chiron (or vice versa) when you're in too deep.

Because this is the aspect of heartbreak. Be proactive in your position of dating. Keep looking for the guy who's Venus trines or enhances your Chiron. This is an indication of a soulmate type relationship.

Also look for aspects to Jupiter and Neptune too. These show a relationship that has wonderful possibilities too. But the Venus connection is the best indicator of marriage ! The next area of investigation is your interaspects.

This will tell you how you will feel in the presense of this person. If his Saturn squares your Mercury you may feel he's always critical of you, or you have a difficulty being understood. If his Pluto is opposite your Moon, Sun or Venus you may feel intense power struggles. And if his Uranus is square or opposite your Moon or Venus there's a higher probability there is an unavailability problem. Check to see that your harmonious aspects outweigh your challenging ones for the best possible relationship.

Next up is the composite chart. This will tell you how you will both feel in the relationship when you commit to each other. Perhaps in the beginning you won't feel the difficult aspects as strongly as you will when you are in a serious relationship. This is because when you get to that point, the truth within your relationship comes to the forefront. So I would highly recommend you check out your composite chart to see the future possibilities.

Beware, again, of composite Moon, Sun, or Venus in a square or opposition aspect with Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. These are very difficult aspects to deal with over the long term. Be proactive in finding the right partner for you. Don't get involved with someone who has a high probability for heartache - why waste your time.

Use astrology to make the best possible decision to find Mr. Right.

Beverly is passionate about astrology and has focused her attention on relationships, and compatibility. She strongly recommends you check your relationships' astrological compatibility information. Read her comprehensive guidebook on what to look for! or visit her astrology website !

Dating and the Single Woman - How Can You Tell if He's THE ONE?

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