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Katoey An explanation

In today's world dating has gained in importance among youngsters to choose partners. To dating a lot of frills are attached to make the process interesting and acceptable. To dating is attached the traditions of different societies.

The traditions are added to the dating trends and it becomes more interesting. Boys and girls meet on their own after they reach a certain age and dating along those lines make the mating interesting. They meet in different places that are suitable for dating. Increasingly, among youngsters, the formal institution of marriage is taking a backseat. Dating is replacing the institution and sometimes leading up to it. These are the general methods that males and females resort to and dating is one such process of choosing your life partner.

There are also several individuals in the society whose sexual orientation is not straight. They are called Ladyboys or katoeys. The term Katoey is of Thai origin.

It is a male to female transgender person or an effeminate gay male. They are sometimes referred to as ladyboys. A katoey is a type of male. There are other terms in Thai like sao praphet song and phet thee sam. The term Sao Praphet Song suggests a female sexual identity and the term phet thee sam suggests a third gender.

Katoey or ladyboy plainly suggests the individual to be a type of male. The term directly refers to intersextuality. A katoey is an intersexual or as person whose sex chromosome, genitalia, and/or secondary sex characteristics are such that you cannot plainly say that person to be a female or a male. He or she has the biological characteristics of both the male and female. Different cultures treat ladyboys or katoeys differently.

In some cultures intersex people are included in 'third gender' as well. Inter-sex individuals are expected to conform to either male or female gender roles. Some people in the western world who have been born genitalia that are rather ambiguous have had surgeries so that their genital portion look like either some female or male.

The rate of the existence of the intersex characteristics in human beings is estimated to be 0.018 %. Notable intersex people are the famous activists like alpine skier, Erik Schinegger, Cheryl Chase, and Jim Sinclair. Perhaps, the most internationally recognized katoey is Nong Tum for her portrayal in the film 'Beautiful Boxer'. Many ladyboys and katoeys dress as women and got to the medical practitioner like other women to undergo feminizing medical procedures. Others war make up or use feminine pronouns but dress as men and are more effeminate gay men than transgender.

Ladyboys or katoeys do not have the luxury of dating. They traditionally work in feminine occupations, shops, coffee bars, restaurants, beauty salons and hairstylists. They frequently work in hotels and restaurants as servers or in the entertainment industry. They work in hotels as cabaret singers too.

They are people with the same physical characteristics as theirs. These people are sexually oriented towards men who are not considered to be gay. Irrespective of their sexual abnormality, some ladyboys or katoeys have performed well and made a mark in their field of activity.

Petteri Stenberg is author of this article on Meet Ladyboys. Find more information about katoeyhere.

Katoey – An explanation

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