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Use a Personal Ad Doctor to Help You Get a Date

The entire goal of a personal ad is to attract someone's attention, and keep it long enough for them to want to learn more about you. You cannot do this if your ad is full of spelling errors; if you come on too strong; if you don't sound natural; if you're offensive, even without meaning to be; or if you're just too over-the-top in any way. Are you really serious about meeting someone? Do you want a personal ad that's guranteed to get attention? Then consider hiring someone to rewrite your personal ad for you. Before you fork out any money to have someone write this hypnotic story that will captivate the attention of myriad admirers, you must have a firm grasp of the rules.

THE RULES 1. You cannot lie - about anything. They always find out, and then you're screwed. Or maybe not screwed, as the case may be.

OK - in trouble. Suffice it to say, lying's bad. Don't do it. Say you're a guy and you're 5'7" - if you ever meet her in person, she is going to know you are not 6 feet tall. OK? If you're a gal and you're built like a Mimi from The Drew Carey Show, you cannot describe yourself as having an athletic build. Not even close.

Use your common sense. They're not going to fall in love with you over the phone and forgive you later for your "little white lie." They're going to think you're the lying jerk that you are - and you will continue to perpetuate all the ugly myths out there that no one "real" ever posts on those dating sites.

2. You must be willing to be original. Believe it - original works! Don't try to copy all the other guys and gals out there. Figure out what makes you different, and play that up.

Not only will it make you stand out as unique, it also will go a long way toward attracting someone who likes you for you - and that's what this is really all about, isn't it? 3. You must 'fess up that you had help with the ad. Look? it's not that big a deal. Even Einstein was a really crummy speller. In fact, they thought he was retarded for a long time. So you can't spell - it's only a big deal if you make it one.

But they're gonna know, the first time you ever send a follow-up e-mail. So when they ask, "Did you get help with your personal ad?" tell the truth. If any of that last sentence confuses you, please see #1: You cannot lie - about anything. 4. You may not steal anyone else's ad and try to pass it off as your own. Again, if any of this confuses you, please revisit #1: You cannot lie - about anything.

5. You must let the personal ad doctor you hire know about your successes with your ad. They wouldn't be doing it if they hadn't had great success with their ads - so they're in this with you. Let them know how you do. Maybe invite them to the wedding? At the very least, when anyone asks how you came up with your very clever ad, remember to give a great referral! YOUR INVESTMENT The cost to have someone rework your ad into a gem that promises to attract attention ranges from a few bucks to several hundred. Make sure you ask to see samples so that you can be assured the writer has a good track record.

Personal ad writing services range from profile reviews to photo services. With the busy world in which we live, personal ads are a very viable option for meeting that special someone. If you've been struggling to figure out just what to say or how to say it, think about hiring your own personal ad doctor. You deserve someone special in your life. Take that one additional step today, and you may finally meet the guy or gal of your dreams. Happy dating!.

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Use a Personal Ad Doctor to Help You Get a Date!

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