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Wedding Invitation Etiquette Spelled Out

Wedding invitation etiquette can be hard to learn, especially if you're doing your wedding invitations for the first time without help. Here are some easy, spelled out rules for creating and sending your invitations to make the process easier. General Invitation Etiquette If your invitations are whimsical and unusual, the recipients may expect something out of the ordinary. If the invitations are formal, recipients will expect a formal affair. Invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks before your wedding.

The etiquette you use when sending your wedding invitations can also set the tone for your celebration, so it's important to follow a few special pointers for proper invitation etiquette. This will help to keep the peace among your family and friends so that you can enjoy your day without worrying about anyone being left out or offended. Enclosures Etiquette The response card is traditionally used for gathering totals for the caterer and getting a general number of guests attending.

Save the date cards are not used as a substitute for the wedding invitation and typically mentions that an invitation will follow. Other pieces often included in the ensemble are the reception card or folder, map or direction card, and accommodation information. The recipient is asked to mail back the response card roughly two weeks before the wedding or by the date indicated.

Envelopes Etiquette When addressing the inner invitation envelope, address it to the individuals you are inviting, ie. John and Mary Smith. Seal n' send wedding invitations many times don't come with envelopes.

You fold and address them. If you ordered a seal n' send that doesn't have envelopes, you can usually order envelopes separately from the invitation company. Invitation envelopes can come in several shapes, sizes and colors. Destination Invitation Etiquette Stylized fonts can be used to convey the atmosphere you want to have at your wedding – relaxed, formal, or laid back. If you're designing your own invitations, you have a wide range of latitude for choosing colors, styles, fonts, and envelope inserts that will beach your beach theme.

If you'd like to have beach wedding invitations or photo wedding invitations, have them designed or create them on your own. This is a great way to make your wedding stand out from the other weddings your guests have been invited to so they are sure to remember your special day. Homemade Invitation Ettiquette If you are very specific, and you do it in a kind way, people will be more likely to enjoy spending your wedding day with you. It's understandable that you want to cut down on wedding costs, but don't create any bad feelings by not being specific in your invitations. Whether you make your own invitations or have them printed by a professional printer, they should be high in quality and you should proofread them for printing so that embarrassing mistakes can be eliminated.

If you have printed the invitations on your home computer, you can print the envelopes by using special calligraphic fonts. Saving Money Without Losing Etiquette Whether you use traditional invitation designs or come up with something whimsical of your own, you can save money by finding your wedding invitiations online. In the past, wedding invitations had to be printed by a printer who charged a premium for engraving and other services. With the competition of wedding invitation businesses thriving, inexpensive wedding invitations are more easily found online. Invitations can be very costly for many couples unless they are aware where to look.

With these a snap rules, your wedding invitation experience should be easy and your invites should be mailed out without worry.

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Wedding Invitation Etiquette Spelled Out

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