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Zigime introduced a new theme generator

Zigime Layout Maker/Generator So you like different cool layouts but want to make your own? Use our quick and easy zigime layout maker to generate your own personalized layout. Choose a background colour or image, make the font any size or style you like, customize your sections then simply hit "generate" There's your fantastic new layout and the best part about it.Knowone else in the world has the same one! Get theme here! How to Use the Advanced zigime Editor: Backgrounds - don't keep the default zigime layout - it's very simple. People like and remember non-standard images and backgrounds so I recommend you go to and search myspace background or layouts and then look at all the available backgrounds and layouts and pick one that matches your liking. Once you found copy that image url and save to theme generator.

Applying is easy. Just click MY PROFILE then click theme generator(sub modules) then there is one option background image you just copy that url and click apply button. * Background image ~ First of all, decide if you want to use a background image or not.

If you do want a background image then you'll need to upload it to an image hosting service like ImageShack and photobucket, etc. Then assuming you used ImageShack— get the web address, image URL, to the image you uploaded. Make sure you copy the 'direct link to image' web address. Then paste that web address into the Background image text box and click apply button.

* Repeat background? ~ This refers to whether you want the background image tiled (repeated) horizontally and vertically to fill the entire web page or if you just want it displayed once. If you have one big image or photo, click to select None. If you have a small image such as a patterned background, click anyone of the options like Across, down, across and down. * Scroll background? ~ Click to select Yes if you would like the background image to move along with the text when you use the scrollbars to scroll through your web page. Click to select None if you would like the background image to remain fixed in place when you scroll through your web page.

* Color PICKER ~ Click Colorpicker image to open a colorpicker it contains predefined web colors. Click on the color you like and it will automatically be applied to the associated option. * Section border color ~ All the various components in your Zigime profile, such as Contacting, Interests, Details, Groups are rendered in boxes which are drawn with the use of HTML tables. This is why these boxes are commonly referred to as 'Sections' in Zigime layout. You can use the 'Section color' option to define the background color displayed in all your Sections. * section Border color ~ Use this option to define the color of the borders drawn around your Zigime Sections.

* section Border width ~ Use this option to define the width of the borders drawn around your Zigime Sections. * section Border style ~ Use this option to define the style of the borders drawn around your Zigime Sections. * Heading section- In this section you can set your name color, size and fontstyle of your own and also you can set the section headings like about me, school history, music etc.

, font colors,style and size of your own. * Main -section - In this section you can set the color,size and style of your common text and link color,style refers to all the default menu links that run across the top of your zigime profile. * Text color ~ Use this option to set the color of all text in your profile(excluding links).

* link color ~ Use this option to set the color of all links in your profile. Home, Browse, Search, etc as well as those at the bottom of your profile, e.g.

, About, FAQ, Terms, etc. * QUICK PREVIEW ~ Every time you set an option in the Zigime editor, this box will update to provide you with a sneak peek at what your layout will look like. * Generate Theme and Apply ~ Click on this button to Generate theme to get Zigime layout code and click Apply button to save and apply the theme to your profile. About Author: Hybrid Nova is a company that specializes in providing social networking, business networking, entertainment, and services in a concerted effort to capitalize on the huge growth this industry has, and continues to experience.

We provide many excellent affordable and free services that are presented in an exciting environment for young professionals of all ages. On the forefront, it is Hybrid Nova's dedication to the rapidly growing industry of online business networking that will propel us into a premier position as an industry leader. Whether it's branding your business, seeking a new job or new employer, bartering services goods, organizing your office with the latest technology available, or simply making new friends and business contacts on the international level, Hybrid Nova has all the tools and user friendly functionally necessary for the needs of almost any business or individual.

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Zigime introduced a new theme generator.

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